Joining Amigos Library Services

Amigos Library Services is a member-led and member-focused cooperative whose mission is to unite libraries for action and strength in service to their communities. Our vision is that members will view Amigos as indispensable for strengthening their ability to serve their communities.

Who can join?
Libraries of all types, museums and information centers are all eligible to join Amigos. There are no geographic restrictions.

How are membership dues determined?
Amigos Library Services determines membership dues based on library budget data, from either 2006 or 2010, whichever is lower. Amigos uses the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) for academic libraries, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for public libraries, as the sources for determining library budget data.

How do you join?
To become an Amigos Library Services member, you will need to complete or provide the following documents:

  1. Member agreement (contact the Amigos office for a customized agreement for signing)
  2. Member Contact form (see below)
  3. W-9
  4. You will also want to consider completing the Amigos Resource Sharing agreement

What does Amigos Library Services charge for its services?
Fees are determined by library type and annual budget. The fees schedule consists of several tiers for both academic and public libraries, and a single tier for all other types of members. Placement in the academic and public library tiers is based upon members' budget information as reported for 2014 to the National Center for Education Statistics or Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Please contact or 800-843-8482 for pricing on a specific service.

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