Learn about academic trends and more in the June ProQuest Webinars

ProQuest's webinars are open to anyone with an interest in research, teaching and learning. They span a range of topics from academic trends to the changing ways students are using information to training and practical tips on how to use ProQuest products. Check out these highlighted June webinars and more.

  • Increase Your Library’s Support for Student Success: Active Learning with Leganto - June 8 - 1:00pm EDT
    In this session, you’ll discover how you can help transform students from passive participants to active contributors using the active learning features of Leganto, the Ex Libris course resource list solution. You’ll learn how to demonstrate the impact of your library’s contribution to teaching and learning – by helping instructors increase engagement, encourage interaction and assess learning. Join your colleagues and discover how you can now elevate your library by leveraging new Leganto features to support instruction and improve student success.
  • MetaDoor: The Need for an Open Metadata Platform - June 22 - 2:00pm EDT
    There is a strong correlation between good metadata and the ability of library users to find the materials they need. Much effort has been invested by the community to find the right technology to create metadata records in an effective way. Currently this task is costly and resource intensive. This session will review a new metadata platform from Ex Libris that is planned as free, open, and community-based. Called MetaDoor, it will provide high-quality bibliographic records in an efficient way and will support both existing and next-gen formats. Attend this session to learn about the collaborative, efficient, and modern experience this revolutionary, metadata-sharing platform can provide to libraries.

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