Rolling Hills Library in St. Joseph Becomes First Missouri and Amigos Member Library to Purchase the PLAY Touch Table

Amigos member Rolling Hills Library in St. Joseph, Missouri recently became the first library in the state to feature a PLAY table. The library's purchase of three tables was made possible by the Friends of the Library and the touch screen is custom branded with their logo. Library Director Michelle Mears says the staff and patron feedback has been outstanding and they love the many educational, multi-player games.

The 32" PLAY interactive touch table provides an educational, fun, interactive experience for people of all ages, starting at age 3. Users choose from a portfolio of up to 21 multi-touch games and the table allows up to four players simultaneously. The table provides a unique experience that is collaborative and social for both children and adults.

After-Mouse, creators of the PLAY Touch Table, is an Amigos vendor partner through discount direct. To receive the member discount on your After-Mouse order, contact Jessica Johnston at

Brief PLAY promo video: